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Cavas Nadal and Montserrat

Cavas Nadal
Núria showing a gran reserva cava

The other day a group of 6 Swedes from the very north of Sweden (think midnight sun, reindeers and snow) joined me for a nice day in Penedès and Montserrat. We started from their hotel in Barcelona and had a nice drive through Penedès before reaching one of my favourite cava makers – Cavas Nadal. There our friend Núria guided us through the cava making process, here showing us the fantastic RNG Gran Reserva, before we started the tasting.

We then continued up to Montserrat for a quick visit of the monestary before eating an amazing catalan lunch at Vinya Nova. It is really fun to have the chance to explain more about the wine country, about living here and about everything we see around us all day. Having guided mostly Swedish maybe you’d find it interesting to know that building standards is a favourite topic to talk about during our tours.

In short – a great day!

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