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The Secret Life of Penedès

One of my neighbors, the Torello' Winery


There is something very exciting about being a part of this new wine blog, Barcelona Wine, a little bit like the first day of school, or maybe moving to a new home, which is just what I did seven months ago. After 24 years in the US, I decided is was time to move back to Europe, but having lived in Southern California I had become a climate princess, and with wine being my  work and passion, my native Sweden was out of the question.

After two years of research for a new place to call home- the criteria being an interesting wine region with a similar climate to California, close to a major city in either Italy, France, Portugal or Spain – I decided to move to Penedès.  Pene-what, you say???         So did I, and most of my friends in the wine business.  How come this spectacular and mega producing wine region has stayed so anonymous in the world of wine?

Consider the fact that it is the home of Cava, the wonderful Spanish version of champagne, made in the traditional method.  That  in and around the small town with the hard to pronounce name  of Sant Sadurni d’Anoia, pop. 11.000 , there are 300 Cava cellars, among them Codorniu and Freixenet, the world’s 7th largest wine producer , give or take, and the no 1 Cava producer and exporter, making millions of cases every year. Compare that to my neighbor Xavi who, like so many other people here, makes his own Cava, approx 300 bottles a year,  which averages about one bottle a day if he doesn’t drink too much (unfortunately, I moved in next door, so he will have to increase his production now!)

And consider this; we’re  only some 35 km southwest of Barcelona! Who knew??? I sure didn’t! But that’s where I ended up, and I am looking forward to tell you all about the Secret Life of Penedès in the months to come!




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