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Hard Wired for Wine


Hello all winos, welcome to Barcelona Wine!

Garnacha grapes, Priorat

This is where you will find out anything and everything about wine, especially from the beautiful and fantastic wine regions that starts just southwest of Barcelona, Penedès and Priorat, which is where yours truly has been roaming since moving here from California. (See blog posting ‘The Secret Life of Penedès”)


Being what some consider a ‘wine expert’ I’m often asked which is my favorite wine? Since wine is like music to me, I like any wine that’s good, be it a Sancerre (Sauvignon Blanc) from the Loire Valley, a Zinfandel from California or a great Cava from Penedès. So my answer is that I don’t have a particular one that is my favorite but I can for sure say which wine changed my life, the one that made wine my passion; an Alban vineyard Viognier from Central Coast, California. After the first sip of that Viognier (which is a white Rhone varietal) it was as if something in my brain adjusted and fell into place. Was I hard wired (hard wine-d?) for this?  That I don’t know, but since then I have devoured everything on the subject of wine I can get my hands on, and in the meantime  became a partner in a winery, started a wine school and a wine tour business. Last year I started up a wine oriented Bed&Breakfast, Ca Solyerik, in Penedès, just 35 minutes from Barcelona, where I arrange courses, classes and tastings.

What I have learned in the last 10-12 years is that nobody can ever know everything about wine. That’s what makes it so exciting, there is always something new to discover!

And I’m equally excited to bring you along- virtually or in person- on my wine adventures here in Catalunya wine country!




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