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KRIPTA- the legendary cava


It finally  happened! After  years of looking and hesitating, the right moment came – good news received, excellent food about to be ordered, a good friend on the other side of the table and a big wine menu showing the letters KRIPTA at the bottom of the list of available cavas.

Three  years ago when I first started working in Penedès I saw this unusual bottle in a wine store in the city of Vilafranca. The shape is beautiful and attracts one’s attention immediately. I had to ask what it was, of course, and  the owner of the store  got quite excited. But, for one reason or another I didn’t buy a bottle that day. And it stayed that way, I’ve read about it in books, seen it in the windows of (closed) wine stores and been thinking that, yes, one day I will drink this cava. And now it  finally happened.

How was it? Amazing, of course. And that is all I will say. Instead I’ll let you start your own Kripta-story, hopefully leading you to some nice adventures before the cava is poured in your and your friends glasses from a bottle that literally can’t be put down, on a sunny afternoon overlooking the green vineyards of Penedès. Enjoy!

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