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Who Knew It Was So Much Fun To Make Cava!



Recently my very good friend Jaque invited me to join him and his wine posse to make their annual batch of cava. Of course I had to decline – NOT!!

Arriving slightly morose – as it was 6 o’clock in the morning – to the cellar of Jaque’s mother’s old stone house in the village, everything was already in full swing. Five or six of Jaque’s friends and family were Blending – by kicking a huge metal canister with wine back and forth on the floor-  Bottling – with a nifty little bottling device – Capping – Jaque’s neighbor was in charge behind the cap machine – and stacking the bottles along the cellar wall.   As much as I tried, nobody could give me an answer as to why they had to start so damn early in the morning. That’s just the way it’s always been. Working hard, helping out and do what I was told, made me enjoy the ancient procedure of making a wonderful wine even more.

And! It also entailed the promise of the traditional Cavapossemaking breakfast, and the lovely smells were starting to reach our noses in the cellar down below.  So, after bottling up some 800 bottles and putting them away for a couple of years, it was time for the other, equally important, part of the day. Time to wake up the teenagers who were still snoozing on the couches and chairs around the house and get the grandmas and grandpas to the table!

The annual Cava making breakfast is not your standard tea and toast; it’s prepared as lovingly in the courtyard as the cava is down in the cellar, and  it is a gigantic meal consisting of Spanish homemade sausages, thick bacon slices and fresh sardines, all straight from the grill, two kinds of slow boiled beans – mom’s recipe – different kinds of charcuterie, breads and olive oil, and a big cake. All washed down with gallons of Cava. At 8 o’clock in the morning!! Just saying!

I can’t wait for next year’s Cava making day!!






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